Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Only Four Sleeps To....

Um, ahem, it would be nice to say fame, seeing as Sunday 10th November sees the launch of my debut novel, Doubting Abbey - but I suspect the reality is only four sleeps to Amazon rank obsessing and next novel deadline panicking! Nevertheless, I can't wait for my launch day, it sees the culmination of almost nine years hard work, churning out novels and learning the process - and I'm still not saying I've got it 100% right! But Doubting Abbey is my best work yet and I'm thrilled people who aren't friends or family are actually going to read it - um, hopefully! And friends and family, that doesn't mean you're let off the hook from pulling out that purse (or pressing one-click!)

My online launch is on Facebook on Sunday, where there will be great prizes, such as Highclere Castle chocolate and leather bookmarks, plus other non-aristocratic goodies. They will also be up for grabs on Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for the support, everyone who's helped me along to this point - you know who you are. Right. Better get that bubbly in fridge - or perhaps I'll just call Carson...

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