Monday, 11 November 2013

Classic lines and classic looks - Season Four Downton Abbey Finale

Wasn't last night's finale splendid? Although just a little disappointing that we didn't actually get to see what happened to vile valet Green. I was looking forward to witness his downfall, for myself. In fact, as usual, Fellowes has left us with plenty of questions - was Bates involved? Will he be found out and hung? Will Gregson come back? Will Edith really go to Switzerland? Will Mary choose Blake or Gillingham? I could go on...

People ask why I love Downton and it's down to the characters - love them or loathe them, you care what happens.
But it is also the classic lines - and here are a few from last night's show:

Mr Drew, the pig farmer, to Mary: "Work is like old age, m'lady - the worst thing in the world until faced with the alternative."

"We can't fall out, we've never fallen in." Daisy about Ivy.

"I don't believe in types, I believe in people." Branson.

Plus the classic looks are brilliant - the Dowager Countess when she held court with Edith and Rosamund, clearly aware of what was going on. Plus Branson, when he saw Rose and the band singer together. Also Mary, when Anna told her about Green - what a moving scene.

There are many things I will miss, until the Christmas special, including the sumptous clothes, the quintessentially English scenery and the Dowager Countess's poe-faced stares... Whilst Season Four didn't end with a big bang, at least this time, an untimely death was off the menu. Roll on December! And please, I know I keep asking, but let's finally see Mrs Hughes and Carson finally get together!.


  1. Don't think the tale of the vile valet is over and done with - as far as I can see, there are three possibilities : a) Bates had nothing to do with it, which would be not very imaginative(and frankly, boring) b) Bates went to London, not York, and did the deed himself, which would be very stupid of him, and I don't think Bates does stupid , Or c) Bates did go to York, to see an old army friend, who knows a friend, who might just be walking along Piccadilly...I know which option I prefer!

  2. Yes, agreed, Margaret - i just hope he doesn't get found out, i couldn't face another prison storyline...

    Wonder what the main event of the Xmas Special will be...?