Monday, 4 November 2013

Downton Abbey - Episode Seven - Be Afraid, Green...

Ooh, that's what I've been waiting for - the look Bates gave Green, right at the end of last night's show. It even made me shudder. Fantastic. Please let the vile valet get his come-uppance in next week's final programme. Green really dropped himself in it, when he mentioned that the performance by opera singer Dame Nellie Melba was too much for him and he'd had to go down to the servants' quarters. As for Mrs Hughes confronting him about the attack - bravo! He should, indeed, "Keep to the shadows".

Mary was less of a cold fish this week, and looked a decade younger when she had the mud-fight with Mr Blake. It's nice to see her take on the reponsibilities of the running the estate. Plus I warmed to her when she supported Anna by making sure Bates didn't accompany the Earl to the States.  And now there are so many men after the beautiful Lady Mary Crawley... I have a feeling no-nonsense Blake will end up at the top of her list.

I also warmed to one of my least favourite characters, this week, Edith, as she changed her mind at the last minute about terminating her pregnancy. Instead of doing the practical thing, she's put her feelings for Gregson first. Her love-life has run far from smoothly. Let's hope there is some happiness for this middle sister in Series Five.

Of course, the best bit about last night was finding that - for the moment anyway - Maggie Smith is to stick with the show. How hilarious the Dowager Countess was, reluctantly showing her gratitude to 'nurse' Mrs Crawley. Thanks goodness this witty lady didn't catch pneumonia.

All in all another excellent episode. I can forgive the flaws, for example Mary telling Blake they could leave the front door open at night, as there wouldn't be burglars. "This is England" she said. Hmm. Surely she hadn't already forgotten the brutal attack on Anna - as far as she knew, perpetrated by a stranger! I can't wait for the final show next week - one reason being that Sunday 10th is also the launch day of my debut novel, Doubting Abbey! So if you feel morose at leaving the Grantham household, why not dip into my book and enter the world of the aristocratic Croxleys?!


  1. Ha! Me too. I'm glad Edith didn't go through with the abortion. Surely she should get herself off to the American rellies and come back after a couple of years with a fictitious dead husband left behind to legitimise the poor, little bastard? After all it's not as if she's going to end up on the Titanic with Lady Marjorie, is it? That ship sailed years ago! And The Bates has certainly marked the dastard's card - he KNOWS. I am cheering for him to get away with murder scott-free. I do hope JF had scripted for that. And Mary's and Tom's love lives are perking up, and who'd have thought The Young Heir's Grandmothers would gal-pal up? Terrific stuff :)

  2. Yes, the new closeness between the grandmothers was brilliant and hilarious! It will be interesting to see if they become genuine friends, or whether the Dowager Countess just continues to tolerate Mrs Crawley!

    Yes, just can't wait for next week, now! If Bates is sensible, he'll have a contact from his prison days who can do the dirty work. Green is ghastly and didn't show one shred of remorse when Mrs Hughes confronted him. Let's hope the last episode brings a satisfying end to Nigel Harman's role!