Monday, 18 November 2013

Doubting Abbey and Reality Shows! I'm a Celeb, Episode One!

The plot of Doubting Abbey revolves around a reality show, Million Dollar Mansion - waitress Gemma must pass herself off as aristocratic friend Abbey, to help run-down Applebridge Hall win the show to secure its future financially...

And what a joy the book was to write, as I LOVE reality telly! Big Brother is one of my favourites, but every year I particularly look forward to jungle fever sweeping the country in December.

So, what do we think of the series this year? Matthew Wright has already set himself up for being voted to take part in every bushtucker trial. I suspect Joey from TOWIE and designer David won't be far behind. I think the secret to this show's success is that it immediately cuts through any celebrity veneer. Plus the challenging ways the teams have to make their way to camp, on the first day, are great bonding experiences and its lovely to see the two different teams pull together. 

But the revelation for me last night was good old Steve Davis! He could win. Down-to-earth, a good team player, yet despite his "boring" reputation from the Eighties, a great sense of humour.

Ant and Dec were, as usual, on fine form - their joke about "ticks" was hilarious. 

Yay! The Christmas run-up has started! I might pull out the mulled wine for tonight's show!


  1. I don't understand why the contestants never realise that expressing all your weaknesses means you're going to be chosen for every bush-tucker trial! Still, that's what makes it fun to watch. Had to mute the sound through the eating trial last night though, with all that retching going on :-O Love Steve Davis, I actually used to watch him play snooker back in the day, and never thought he was boring!

    The show wouldn't work without Ant and Dec (in my opinion) :)

  2. Yes, it amazes me too, Karen! Hope Joey stops doing all the tasks, that is getting boring now (not Steve Davis!)

    Ant and Dec are even funnier than usual this year, i find, and yes, the show just wouldn't be the same without them.

    Poor Alfonso missing his 3 week old baby - don't think he'll be out soon, though...