Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Celebrity Big Brother - the Final!

And the winner is...

As those of you who've read my debut romcom Doubting Abbey know, it features a reality show Million Dollar Mansion, in which run-down stately homes vie with each other to win a million dollars, to secure their financial future.

I guess it was inevitable that I would eventually write about this subject. The reality show genre is one I have always favoured. From the very first Big Brother to Celebrity Love Island and Strictly Dancing, there's something fascinating about watching people - famous or ordinary - strive to achieve something out of their comfort zone, whether that's to live in a house with a bunch of strangers, to the Rumba or ski-jump... It can inspire and the emotional  journey they undergo is always good viewing.

So this year's Celebrity Big Brother? It's been one of the best, yet, at the same time, uncomfortable to watch. Clearly some participants are in the house out of financial need, not a burning desire to live through the Big Brother experience. Jim and Dappy, both lovely, have been the biggest surprises to me - along with Liz Jones who, despite her tough hack reputation, came across as a gentle woman. After the turmoil of the Lee, Casey and Jasmine love-triangle, and Jim and Linda's backbiting, the last couple of days have been a pleasant end to a rollercoaster series. Daddy Jim, bonkers Dappy or True Gent Ollie to win, please.

Here is what some of my fellow writer fans of the show think:

Eve Mitchell - author of Seven Days, out with Scholastic Feb 15
I've enjoyed this series, even though I've watched the majority of it behind my cushion, cringing. I've can't help thinking so much is scripted now - especially the fake Ollie (grow some balls) and Sam (who?) relationship. I would like Luisia to win I think, but I really don't mind.

CL Taylor - author of The Accident, a tense, edge of your seat psychological thriller
Definitely one of my favourite CBBs - a little short on comedy (other than the Liz Jones bath scene) but full of sex, scandal and screaming rows. I like to pretend I watch reality TV because I'm an author and it's a form of people watching but the truth is it's TV that doesn't require me to engage my brain and, after 12+ hours of the day job, novel writing and toddler wrangling that's more than welcome!

Karen Clarke - short story and romantic comedy writer
This is the best series ever of CBB in my opinion, thanks to the mix of characters, which I'm sure was more good luck than management on Channel 5's part! I've never changed my mind so many times, liking someone then going off them, then liking them again. I didn't think I'd like Liz Jones, but did and actually wouldn't mind if Jim Davidson won and I NEVER thought I'd say that!

Kelly Florentia - writer of women's fiction
It can't be easy. I think certain cirumstances bring out different aspects of your personality. Generally, people would describe me as a laid back kind of person, but I think I'd go mad in there.

Portia MacIntosh - author of Between a Rockstar and a Hard Place, out 12th February from Carina UK 
This series of Celebrity Big Brother had been amazing. I think the reason it has been so great is because the celebs involved seem to have momentarily forgotten that they're celebrities at all. They're being housemates - falling out, getting together, making fools of themselves and most importantly making us laugh. Celebs can be so uptight and overly concerned with their public image, so this series has been a nice change.

So what do you think? Who's your winner? And what will we all do with our evenings after tonight's final?!


  1. I really, really hope Jim doesn't win. My money's on Oli. He's got a bit more air time recently and his impressions yesterday were funny.

  2. Yes, i'd be happy for him to win - but not Sam, I don't feel as if I've got to know her at all.
    For me Jim has been a revelation, not at all what I was expecting - I think he'd probably be more surprised than anyone, as well, if he knew how popular he was!

  3. I wouldn't mind if Ollie won, he's sweet, but will be very annoyed if Sam wins - she's been SO boring, though she's apparently been ill with a virus for most of the series. I've actually grown to like Jim, which can't be right!

  4. Yes, Ollie is sweet and has come out of himself a bit, in recent days. Now the rows have settled i'm seeing some of the housemates in a different light and am even warming to Luisa. It's going to be very interesting to see who wins!